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T.V. Touch Concealer Wands

The Cosmetic Company’s luxurious, long-lasting concealer and eyeshadow base unveils youthful glow. It’s unique and multipurpose formula means richer color payoffs and longer wear for eye-catching looks. Easily blends and packaged for on-the-go touch-ups in a .25oz clear Lucite square bottle with sponge applicator.



  • Conceals and blends well when smoothed with fingertips or a wedge sponge.
  • When applied under the eye area it conceals dark circles or highlights an area such as under the brow.
  • Provides a smooth base on the eyelids prior to eyeshadow application, allows greater staying power and depth of eyeshadow colour.
  • Colour corrector shades are best used before makeup application to even out skin tones or to cover freckles, blemishes and demarcations.
  • Mineral Base and Paraben Free formulation
  • Gentle to the skin, fragrance free


Available Shades: Light, Medium, Dark

T.V Touch Concealer Wands

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