Pro Line Series Individual Brushes


  • The Cosmetic Company’s Pro Line series brushes are a mixture of Sable/Goat hairs, Sable blends, Goat, Squirrel and Torray Taklon hairs.
  • Most of our powder and blush brushes are constructed with sable and goat hair mixtures.
  • Sable hairs are used to construct brushes that require specific shapes. This natural fiber is great to apply powders, bronzers and products that require blending.
  • Squirrel is an ultra soft bristle that is perfect for loose powder products.
  • Capra/Goat is a natural and soft bristle used for powders and treatments brushes.
  • Sable Blend is a mixture of different thickness and grades of sable.┬áThis blend is soft yet dense and is perfect to apply a defined layer of eye shadow.
  • Taklon is a 100% synthetic fiber made in different colours but all have the same function. Taklon bristle does not absorb product. They are perfect for liquid and cream products such as lipsticks, concealers, and liquid foundations.
  • All brushes are 100% animal cruelty free.
  • Absolutely no animals are harmed or destroyed for the purpose of making these brushes.

C464 Oval Lip Brush


The Infinity Oval Lip is a synthetic fiber brush designed to fit perfectly onto the lip. Its oval tip fills out the bow of the lip and the density of the brush allows for an accurate, controlled application of any cream or liquid lip product.